Design and lights

A creative mind and a lifelong fascination with geometry and lights have encouraged Jannik Larsen, founder of Lambert Lampart, to design and create lamps inspired by art.


Infinity Cube

Since 2016, and while working as a school leader, Jannik has spent endless hours tube bending, welding, and forming various designs and prototypes in different materials in the home workshop. The first milestone saw the light of day by the end of 2020 with the EU design-protected model Infinity Cube.


Made in Denmark

The principles and efforts of keeping the design and production in Denmark with skilled and exclusively chosen partners give the lamps the highest quality and most sustainable outcome as possible.


Lambert Lampart

Since the very beginning, the company name has been obvious. The family name Lambert came to Denmark in 1945 with Jannik's grandmother, Inge Lambert. She fled from Germany during World War II, lived in a refugee camp in Denmark and later married Janniks grandfather Erik Oluf Larsen. The couple had four children, one of them being Jannik's mother.